Spanish With Nate Review: The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy

Spanish with Nate’s Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy can take you from struggling beginner to being able to hold a conversation in Spanish. There is no doubt in my mind about this fact, and the claim from Nate that with his course you can achieve fluency in just 90 days.

This Spanish with Nate review dives directly into the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy’s claims of helping learners do just that.

I’ve sifted through the material, gone through the teaching methods, and evaluated the real-world applicability to tell you if this investment promises the returns you’re looking for in Spanish proficiency.

Key Takeaways

  • The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy aims to make non-native speakers fluent in Spanish in 90 days through interactive learning and real conversations. My opinion is that this is totally possible with Nate’s methods of teaching.
  • Nate, the creator of the academy, leverages his years of teaching experience to present a relatable and comprehensive learning experience.
  • The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy offers high-quality material, user-friendly course design, and additional resources, including Nate’s YouTube channel.

What is The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy?

The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy, a brainchild of Californian Nate from Spanish with Nate, is a comprehensive online course that aims to help non native speakers learn fluent Spanish as a new language in just 90 days.

Boasting real conversations between native Spanish speakers and Spanish speaking friends who have learned Spanish, the academy promises a clear roadmap to speak Spanish with confidence.

Who is Nate?

Nate, a self-educated Spanish tutor, started his language learning journey during his high school years in the United States. His proficiency in Spanish was further honed through immersive experiences in Latin America and Spain.

In 2013, he began offering Spanish lessons online through Skype, attracting a global student base.

Nate’s online presence is bolstered by his popular Youtube channel, “Nate’s Adventures,” which boasts over 100,000 subscribers.

Expanding his digital footprint, he recently launched a new Youtube channel focused exclusively on Spanish language instruction, Spanish with Nate.

Having experienced Nate’s instructional content on Youtube and his comprehensive course, it’s evident that Nate has mastered Spanish, with a particular emphasis on the Latin American dialect, more specifically the Mexican dialect of Spanish.

His unique teaching style incorporates his personal experience, making the course relatable to his students.

Who is This Course for?

The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy claims to be the perfect launchpad for complete beginners and lower-intermediate learners looking to polish their skills.

With a complete audio library of natural conversations, the course makes learning Spanish easier and less daunting than in high school.

For intermediate learners, it’s a great place to practice grammar rules and brush up on specific vocabulary.

The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy Material

The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy contains high-quality video lessons, in-depth grammar explanations, and a plethora of interactive learning features with Nate the main man on camera throughout.

Material Quality & Subject Material

The course material covers a wide array of topics, from essential grammar and vocabulary to real-life scenarios, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Course Design Insights

The course design of the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clear progression through various levels of fluency.

Interactive Learning Features

From quizzes and flashcards to listening exercises, the course offers a variety of interactive features to reinforce learning and keep students engaged.

Other Benefits to the Course

In addition to the comprehensive Spanish course material, the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy also offers Spanish classes with real-world learning applications, challenging curriculum elements, and progress tracking and support, all while covering various Spanish topics.

Within the course, Nate provides you with advice about several aspects that are key to learning Spanish, including:

  • How to learn Spanish grammar effectively, and the best way to learn new vocabulary using flashcards.
  • How and where to find a language partner.
  • Where and how to find books, and videos and maintain consistency in your learning.

Real-World Learning Application

From travel-focused vocabulary to practical conversation skills, the course offers real-world learning applications by bringing native Spanish speakers into the mix and showing genuine immersion through real Spanish conversations.

Challenges in the Curriculum

The curriculum presents challenges to keep learners engaged and constantly improving their skills.

Progress Tracking and Support

With progress tracking and continuous support from Nate and the online community that learners have access to upon sign up, the course aims to ensure learners stay on track and overcome any obstacles.

Plans & Pricing: Cost Vs Benefit Analysis

With a price tag of two separate $499 for lifetime access, the course is a significant investment. That said, my opinion is that this is well worth the money based on two key factors.

Firstly, Nate is essentially a private Spanish tutor, not an app that prohibits you from human interaction. Secondly, lifetime access ensures you have access to all future learning material, in addition to the material included already.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that you’re going from complete beginner level to conversational proficiency in a very short amount of time. This means learning grammar, being able to conjugate verbs, and learning new vocabulary in very specific and effective ways.

I am yet to find an app that achieves this. Rocket Languages comes close when it comes to vocabulary acquisition, but it’s far more robotic than having a real, in-person tutor.

Taco Member

In addition, Nate offers a cheaper alternative to the above.

Features of the Taco Membership include:

  • Live classes with Nate every week, A1-B2 courses, private community, and more
  • Price: $20/month
  • Description: Join the Taco Member program for regular live classes, comprehensive courses from beginner to intermediate levels, access to a supportive community, and additional resources.

7-Day Spanish Speaker

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: $48
  • Description: Jumpstart your Spanish-speaking journey with this intensive 7-day course. Gain the confidence to engage in conversations and communicate effectively in Spanish.

Please note that prices of Programs and details are subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the Spanish with Nate website.

Exploring Alternative Courses

While the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy offers a comprehensive course for learning Spanish as a second language, there are alternative courses on the market.

For any Spanish learner interested in benefitting from a human-led course in this way, the closest comparison is Spanish Uncovered by Olly Richards, which is part of the StoryLearning Series.

However, it’s worth noting that Olly’s approach is much more orientated around using stories and reading text as a method to learn Spanish. It’s effective, but it’s not the same as the methods apparent in Nate’s courses.

While reading is part of Nate’s teaching methodology, it’s not the core focus. Instead, he focuses on lesson-style teaching, grammar tables, and real world immersion examples.

The SuaveSpanish Podcast

If you’ve visited his website, you’ll know Nate’s offering includes, the SuavaSpanish podcast. This is popular podcast and an additional source of listening practice for learners. It’s also a chance to benefit from cultural insights on a deeper level.

I am a big advocate of podcasts and similar technologies when it comes to learning Spanish. I think they’re a great way for a teacher to provide additional information and knowledge to students outside of lessons.

This podcast contains engaging stories and fun conversations with native Spanish speakers.

Free Course Availability

I like that Nate is able to provide features like this to those unsure about committing to the investment required.

For those looking to try out the platform before committing to the full course, Spanish with Nate also offers free courses.

This includes a background to Spanish tenses, listening comprehension exercises, a chance to practice your speaking skills, and more.

If you want to know how successful the free course is, it’s worth checking out reviews on platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

Spanish Level & Ability Tester

You’ll also have seen on the website that Nate provides a Spanish level and ability tester. This is a handy tool that helps determine your current fluency level and find appropriate course material.

Nate on YouTube – Another Way to Learn

Nate’s YouTube channel, Spanish with Nate, offers another way to learn Spanish. With engaging videos covering various topics and language tips, it’s a handy supplement to the course.

If you are unsure about his teaching style and how he comes across, it’s worth checking out this YouTube channel first.

Final Thoughts About The Course

Overall, the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy provides a comprehensive course offering, filled with high-quality material, engaging lessons, and a supportive learning community.

Nate’s ability to explain key grammar concepts in his native English makes this course a great option for English speakers. 

In addition, he has developed an excellent understanding of the Spanish language over time, making him highly qualified to teach the language to learners of all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find answers to questions I found on a popular search engine called Google. These common questions relate to learning Spanish online.

How is Spanish in demand in the business job market?

Having Spanish language skills can significantly boost your job opportunities in customer service and sales, especially in areas with a significant Spanish-speaking population. It allows you to better assist Spanish-speaking consumers and build strong customer relationships.

How hard is it to learn Spanish from English?

Spanish is actually one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, as both languages share the same Latin alphabet and many words stem from Latin. So, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Does learning Spanish help you learn other languages?

Yes, learning Spanish can give you a head start in learning other Latin-based languages like French and Italian. This can ease the learning process for you.

Why Americans should learn Spanish?

Americans should learn Spanish because Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States, with many being Spanish speakers. Learning Spanish allows better communication and can enhance job opportunities due to the importance of Latin American trading partners.

Can I learn a language in 7 days?

No, learning a language from scratch in 7 days is not realistic. It takes months and even years to reach fluency and proficiency. Trust the process and be patient with your language learning journey.

Enrolled: 2000 students
Duration: 90 Days
Level: Beginner